Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Progressive Rendering script Update

I have updated the Progressive Rendering script. You can download the new version on highend3d by following this link:
Here is the link to download the script on the new creativecrash.com sit (prev iously highend3d.com)

The main change is the render window integration. I have added an icon directly in the render window to enable or disable the Progressive Rendering

You can also display the Options UI by right-clicking the icon

I hope you like this update.

Good progressive renders to you all :)


  1. Hi, kobayashy,
    The link seems not working again!! Guess Highend3d is upgrading their site or something. The link was working earlier in the morning, but not now.

  2. I have updated the link in the post... I lost my update, creativecrash only had the version 1.0.

  3. The creativecrash archive only contains the script - and not the renderWindow template thingy...

  4. yeah I have updated the file a few times but it always download the v1.0... I have wrote the the web master at creative crash, hopefully it will get fixed soon.

  5. i checked the download today and it is fixed

  6. I'm trying to find out exactly what "progressive rendering" is in MR....could you give me a simple explanation or perhaps point me in the right direction? Is it something similar to "Light Cache" in Vray?
    Thanks in advance for any info...

  7. Progressive rendering is similiar to IPR with the difference that instead of rendering each tile to the final quality, it renders all the tiles of the image in very low quality first, then it re-render all the tile improving the quality a bit more, then again with more quality, etc etc.

    This way you get a rought preview faster while tweaking you light\shaders.

    It is similar to the preview render in Modo and can also be compared to path tracing like in Maxwell.

  8. Thanks for the explanation.. really helpful.

    Do you know is there anything in Mental Ray similar to the "light cache" GI solution found in Vray? google: vray light cache.

    I don't think there is anything like it in other GI solutions out there...and it really adds that bit of magic.

  9. Not sure if it's just me, but I appear to be having issues with the script in Maya 2011. It renders black. The standard progressive messages still print in the output window. Is this a known issue?

  10. im having the same kinds of issues with 2011. messages print in output window but renders same as usual. (not progressive). Anyone got it working in maya 2011?


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