Sunday, August 30, 2009

mip shaders in Maya 2010

As you might know the mip shaders are not exposed by default in Maya, this is still true in Maya 2010.

I have modified the factory script mentalrayCustomNodeClass.mel to expose all the mip shaders in Maya.


  1. I yet can't understand why the hell is this happening..., Are we (MAYA users) allowed to use something that comes with the program or what?.

    Thank's for the script anyway ;)

  2. I think the mia and mip shaders packages where ordered for 3dsmax. Also, Zap always show them in 3dsmax.

    in the mentalrayCustomNodeClass, the mip section is commented with the following:
    // Internal MentalRay Nodes. Not meant to be used with Maya.

    really strange indead. Itès a good thing it is easy to enable them

  3. Maya is an endless construction kit. Concerning the integration of MR always behind 3ds MAx and XSI. Unfortunately I have to work with it at work. I think Autodesk should make a decision to stop or to develop Maya in a proper way. I mean 4000$ hellooo!! For me nothing is getting better from version to version. Whereas other 3d software develops rapidly Maya develops in small steps. They should first do their homework before starting something new.

    Epic failure and an insult for all people who bought and have to use the software.


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