Monday, September 21, 2009

Physical Sun And Sky addon Update

I have updated the Physical Sun and Sky plugin for Softimage. This update fix the bug where if you pick a light source instead of creating a new one the script would crash.

You can grab the version 1.1 here

Thanks to Robert for finding this bug.


  1. splendid! :-)


  2. merci monsieur Berger et Mr.Moodie!!!

  3. How would the workflow be with this and framebuffers/compositing? My buffers are completely blown out. Like how a rgb render would look without the exposure shader.

  4. The framebuffers will not have tonemapped data in them. You will have to comp the framebuffer in full range and apply a tonemapper in comp.

    If you don't do it like that the maths will be wrong. For example multipling two linear pixel with a value 0.5 and 0.5 will give you 0.25.

    but if those pixel where tonemapped the value would not be 0.5 anymore but something like 0.12 for example. so multiplying these value together now will give a totally different result.

    compositing should never be performed with non-linear images

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